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Download a free full copy  [PDF ebook format] of the second edition of my book Change Your Life In Ten Weeks which introduces, details and gives step by step instructions on how to implement the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan.
The book [200 pages] covers everything you need to know about the Plan and includes copies of all documentation which you can photocopy for your personal use.
In addition, there are short chapters [ with related exercises] on key self-help topics [ Happiness, Stress, Your Thinking, Communication, Self Acceptance, Gratitude, Life Balance ] which are meant to challenge your thinking and to provide further help as you work through the Phoenix Plan.
To obtain the download you are not asked to register anywhere on this site or to provide any personal details. The ebook is provided as a free public service.

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The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan is the author’s not-for-profit attempt to help individuals who are battling with the complexities of their lifestyles.

If you are unsure about where your lifestyle is taking you...

If you realise that you have taken yourself to somewhere you really don’t want to be...

If you are confused and apprehensive about what the future  might hold for you..

If you just need some help to sort your personal priorities..

The Phoenix Self-Help Plan may be just what you need to take back control of your life

Second Edition 2014

REMEMBER - you are largely the main architect of your present lifestyle. If you want to change its style, only YOU can do it!

Perhaps NOW is the very best time to make a start?