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Life Coaching is usually about seeking external assistance in coming to terms with your present lifestyle and working to improve it. You may realise that changes are necessary if you are to enhance the quality and overall sense of fulfilment in your life. These changes may relate to any aspect of your personal life, your interactions with others or your career. Although you may be aware of the general need for change, it may be that you are not really sure what exactly you need to do to make life better or what priority ratings you should give to the things you know you want to achieve.

Life Coaching generally guides you in making a close examination of how things are in life at the moment and leads you to work out what you really want for the future. It supports your efforts to work out priority goals for achievement and shows you how to monitor your progress. It encourages you to explore your talents and skills while prompting you to further develop those life areas which may be out of balance.

Life Coaching works when you are prepared to make the effort and to give the necessary time commitment to pursuing your chosen goals. Typically, it involves being in touch with your Life Coach on a regular basis - usually by means of a weekly visit or telephone session - when you discuss and plan what it is you want to achieve in your life and to provide feedback on your general progress. Life Coaches do not
tell you what to do nor do they provide advice about what you should do but, rather, lead you gently to self discover and prioritise the goals that are important for you.

However, the quality of advertised Life Coaches will vary and it may be difficult for you to work out the criteria by which you should select a particular coach. The commitment to set aside a particular time each week for a visit or to be on the telephone to your coach may not be easy for very busy individuals. In many cases, the financial outlay required will not be insignificant and may be beyond your budgetary means. For some, it could also seem something of a financial gamble. For these reasons, it seems worthwhile - at least initially - to consider looking at Life Coaching on a DIY basis and where no real financial cost is involved.

This web site sets out to assist you in taking on Life Coaching DIY. it provides you with a ready made self life coaching program which is totally free to use. This is the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan. A resume of the Plan is set out on the next page.

The free downloadable PDF ebook - Free Life Coaching - available on this site provides a step-by- step guide for you to try out the Phoenix Plan over a four week period. When you download the ebook you will not be asked to register or to share your email address. The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan is offered as a free service to all who want to improve the quality of their lives.

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